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Space Planing.

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GreenWood / Space Planing

Space Planing

We are professional in office planning because we simply understand your business requirement. We transform your imagination into reality and make it happen efficiently and effectively. We claim to ideally integrate office furniture for optimal space planning and flexible configuration. GreenWood lets your business requirement together about anywhere, no matter the space limitations. WE Design around difficult space restrictions and perfectly meet your business needs.

We understand that you may have a floor plan for your office, but not an exact layout of how to place the needed office furniture. We will help you create a detailed plan to show exactly how to best fit the required office desk and work stations in your space.

If you want to modify your office, please give us a call we can create a block plan for you within 24 hours. We will work with you to ensure that you get the best interior designer and are completely satisfied with the quality and service.

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Survey + Measurement

Discussion + Requirement

3d Drawing


We Conceptualize & Design Your New Space, Providing Visual Perspectives That Give You a 3-D Glimpse Into Your New Environment & The Surroundings.

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